New Year, New Diet

New Year, New Diet - lose weight despite the temptations

OK, so we all know the basics of losing weight: eat less and move more. It’s a simple concept, just 2 rules, which if followed, pretty much guarantee us success. So why is it so hard for so many of us to do that? We’re an increasingly overweight society. We drive everywhere, sit on our arses for most of the day, cook less and eat more convenience food. Basically, we prefer to take the easy option in just about everything.

Along comes another new diet craze. You follow it for a while, lose some pounds, then you get bored with it and the weight slips back on. The sofa becomes your best friend again and all the new kit you bought to go to the gym lingers in the bottom of the wardrobe along with all the other clothes you can no longer get into. Sound familiar?

You probably know that what you need is a healthy lifestyle plan that helps you lose weight, but which also helps you to develop new and healthier habits. Or a magic pill that lets you carry on with your comfortable life but miraculously does all the work for you. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

How my mother lost 3 stone in weight in just 5 months, and she didn’t find her WHY.: eat smaller portions

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