About… Life And How To Survive It


I’m Amanda

Sometimes life throws really tough challenges our way. Cr@p happens to everyone, but if there is a secret to life, it must be how we deal with that cr@p.

What represents the end of the world to one person, might simply be the opportunity to try something new to the next.

Though I originally trained as an art psychotherapist, my focus these days is much more on self-improvement, personal development and growth.

I’ve tried, and failed, at many things. I’ve tried and succeeded at a few. Every experience has offered learning and the possibility for growth if I let it.

My epic fails include work and marriage failure after a major business venture collapsed. They were painful, embarrassing, and hard to deal with. But those events helped shape my life to be what it is now.

Those same epic fails also rank at the top of my list of essential experiences to become a ‘better’ me. Therapy is great for increased self-understanding and self-awareness. What we need in times of trouble, though, is action. As a consequence of acting upon my learning, I now take better care of myself and manage my thinking, and therefore, my emotional responses, so much better.

The personal development path is certainly not the easiest to tread – it’s far more comfortable to stay safely in your armchair and not ask too many questions of yourself. But as Dan Sullivan says, “The secret to the universe is to make sure you’re always happening to the world, and never the other way around.”

So, which do you choose? Do you let life ‘just happen’ to you, or do you strive to be an active agent, shaping it to how YOU want it to be?