Sometimes life throws really tough challenges our way

Sooner or later, sh!t happens to everyone. But if there IS a secret to life, it must surely be HOW we deal with that sh!t. We can sit and wait for life to happen TO us, or we can take the necessary steps to transform our lives into what WE want them to be.


The problem with gratitude? It's a forgettable experience

The Problem With Gratitude? It’s a Forgettable Experience

How to Practice Gratitude and Really Milk It for All Its Worth If you’ve ever read anything about personal growth, you’ll already know that practising gratitude is good for you. But gratitude tends to be a brief, fleeting emotion, lasting […]

the art of giving encouragement - 'yes you can' written in the sand

The Art of Giving Encouragement

Surprisingly Simple Ways That Encouraging Others Helps You and Them Encouraging words can ignite a spark of energy for any of us, especially when we’re feeling low, discouraged, or lacking motivation. Even a simple smile from a friend, colleague or co-conspirator […]


Your Happiness Is Your Responsibility, No One Else’s

You Want To Be Happy? Great. What Are You Doing About It? If you think you can find happiness in a new car, a new handbag, or by putting a ring on your finger, you might be disappointed. Hey, I […]

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