How to Surprise Your Loved One On Valentines Day: 5 Ideas

Surprise your loved one on Valentines Day - 5 ideas

Here we are again – another year, another Valentines Day! Rather than falling back on the usual Valentines Day gifts of flowers and chocolates, why not show your partner how much you care in unique and unusual ways that will surprise them? Here are 5 inexpensive or free, DIY Valentines Day gIft ideas for 2020.

Valentines Day Gifts for Him and Her

These gift ideas are suitable for men or women alike – just tailor the content to suit the special person in your life! None of these ideas will break the bank – they are either free or very low in cost – yet they will earn you major plus points with your partner. Rather than take an uninspired, predictable route for Valentines Day, these 5 ideas will show that you care enough to make an effort and to do something thoughtful and creative for your loved one.

Easy but original Valentines Day ideas for him and her
Easy but original Valentines Day ideas for him and her

Romantic Valentines Day Gift Ideas

You can adapt these ideas to ramp up the romance as much as you like. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more fun than romantic, that works too!

1. Valentines Day Crafts: Origami Fortune Teller

Also known as Chatterbox / Cootie Catcher

Love origami fortune teller free printable
Make this Love origami fortune teller with our free printables

Our version of an origami fortune teller doesn’t tell fortunes so much as make declarations of what you will do for your loved one. It’s super easy to fold – just print it out and put it together in a minute! You can download it for free below. The instructions for how to fold it up are on the download.

Maybe it’s been a while since you played with one of these. If so, here’s a handy reminder of how to use it.

  • Get your partner to choose a colour (pink, green, black or blue).
  • Open and close the fortune teller either 4 or 5 times – if your partner chooses pink or blue, which each have 4 letters, open and close it 4 times. If s/he chooses black or green, which each have 5 letters, open and close it 5 times.
  • Once you have finished switching the positions of the fortune teller, your partner chooses one of the numbers revealed on the inner flaps.
  • Lift the flap for the number s/he chose and reveal the ‘fortune’ underneath. 

If you like the design but want to write your own messages, no problem! I’ve made a blank version so you can fill it in with whatever message you like! Download it here.

2. Secret Messages

Easy but original Valentines Day ideas
Easy but original Valentines Day ideas

Hide little handwritten notes in places your loved one will find them during the day: pop a little letter in their lunchbox, hide a note in their gym bag, leave a post-it note on their windscreen, slide a sweet-nothings note in their briefcase or folder...

Just imagine, your partner will have a wonderful day being constantly surprised and entertained by your messages. Make their day, brighten a boring lunchtime, be the kind of creative and imaginative partner we’d all love to have.

3. DIY Hand-Made Valentines Day Gifts

Use your own hands to make a gift instead of simply buying a present. A handmade gift conveys your love whilst also showing that you took the time and effort to make something yourself.

It’s easy to pick up a bath set, chocolates, or flowers at a store. However, it takes time and love to make a birdhouse, box, red velvet cupcakes or other item.

4. ‘Amelie-Style’ Treasure Hunt

If you’ve seen the movie Amelie (Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain), you’ll be familiar with this idea. Guide your loved one from one place to another, leaving clues and notes along the way. Perhaps you just do it around your house and garden, or in the local park, or across town to end up in a fabulous restaurant. It’s your chance to be creative and wow your loved one with your thoughtfulness!

5. Gratitude List

The idea for this comes from Darren Hardy. In his book ‘The Compound Effect’, he describes how every day he wrote one thing in a notebook about why he loved or appreciated his wife. She was unaware he was doing this, until she was given the notebook. How fabulous is that? Not only does your partner feel wonderful, seeing how much you think and feel about them, but it will help you in your relationship too – you will come to appreciate your partner and value them far more than before.

Conclusion And A Parting Thought

With very little effort this Valentines you can do something a little more original than just chocolates and flowers (but they rock too!). Try one, or all, of the 5 best gift ideas for Valentines Day listed above.

And I’d like to leave you with this parting thought, for all of us who have someone we love. It’s such a simple notion, but I found it quite powerful. It comes from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. He writes:

Before you need support, be the supportive friend.
Before you need love, be the loving partner…

If you appreciate some of the ideas listed in this article, check out my article on the 3 small habit changes that I made last year, that had a profound effect on my life.

Surprise your loved one on Valentines Day - 5 inexpensive ideas
Surprise your loved one on Valentines Day – 5 ideas

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