How To Make An Affirmation Word Decoration

Grow fake grass decorative letters

This project really couldn’t be simpler. And for something so simple to bring so much pleasure is just fabulous! For very little money and time you can make an impressive affirmation word decoration, which also brings you closer to nature and all the benefits that entails.

If you like nature but you’re not great at keeping it alive, this is perfect for you! You can get some really believable fake grass and flowers these days. Combining natural imagery – albeit fake – with a word that is meaningful to you, will create not just a decoration but something that will bring you positive feelings every time you look at it.

The Power of Words

I’m not a big fan of affirmations and daily quotes – they don’t generally change how you think or feel. They have no long-term effect, merely a passing moment of contemplation. But if that contemplation leads to some deeper understanding or investigation, fabulous!

However, for this project I specifically wanted to create something nature-related with the word ‘GROW’. My original intention had been to waterproof the wooden letters and fill them with succulents. I changed my mind for several reasons, one of them being that the design wasn’t practical for hanging the letters on the wall.

Grow fake grass letters - affirmation word decoration
Whilst the greatest benefits to be had are from getting out into nature, simply viewing nature scenes has been shown to improve our health

The Healing Power Of Nature Scenes

Another reason was my continuing reading about the power of nature – I discovered that even just looking at scenes or photos of nature is good for us. Whilst the greatest benefits to be had are from physically getting out into nature, simply viewing nature scenes has been shown to improve our health too.

I already had several plants in my office, but there was a space just crying out to be decorated – what better than to fill it with something beautiful that would also improve my connectedness to nature even more?

Affirmation Words Decoration

‘Grow’ wasn’t just some cutesy word that I wanted to use as a decoration. I had chosen it as my word for 2020, because it seemed so meaningful to me and embodied many of my intentions for the coming year. It can be applied to so many things – not just plants, but us humans too. As people, we can stagnate and accept what simply falls into our laps, or, we can face the world, and look for opportunities to develop, and to grow.

This growth can take form in our dreams, our projects and our intentions. We can strive for improvement and excellence. For sure, this is a harder path than accepting our lot and spending most evenings curled up in front of the TV. But the rewards for all that work, all that growth, make it so worthwhile…

Grow fake grass decorative letters
How fake grass can improve your health!

What you need

  • Fake Grass
  • Wooden letters – either flat, or, like mine, box letters that can be filled
  • Scissors
  • A marker

How To Make An Affirmation Word Decoration – Fake Nature

Lay the fake grass face down. Put one of the letters face down onto the back of the fake grass. Draw around it. Cut the letter shape out of the grass. If you’re using box letters, then cut out it slightly smaller than the shape you drew (if you follow the line you drew the grass won’t fit comfortably in the letter).

If your letters are flat, not box, just cut your grass letter exactly the same size as the wooden letter

Cutting out the letter R in fake grass
Turn the letter upside down and draw around it on the back of the fake grass

That should give you a grass shape exactly like your letter

The letter G in fake grass
Cut out each letter in the same way

Since my letters were box letters, I din’t even need to use glue – the grass snuggly fitted into the shape. If your letters are flat, you will need to glue the grass letter to its wooden base.

Grow fake grass decorative letters
How fake grass can improve your health!

How Much Does It Cost?

The letters and the fake grass cost me £25. The letters are large – over 20cm high – so the overall finished affirmation word decoration is quite big. It took about 15 minutes to throw together – not much money or time for a lovely result I think.


At some point in the future I will remove the grass and paint the wooden letters. I’ve still not decided what colour to do them, so for now they are just plain. You know what though? I don’t even see the wooden letter, I just see the grass, and the meaning of the word. Grow.

What meaningful word would you use?

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Grow fake grass letters - how to make affirmation word decoration
How fake grass can improve your health!

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